“We are all part of a Biological Community”: Why Respecting the Rights of the Tropical Andean Chocó Cloud Forests of Intag is Vital- a Chat with Carlos Zorrilla

Students intently take in what Carlos is sharing with them about the importance of defending the cloudforest. Photo by Juli Hazlewood, during a University of California, Davis Summer Abroad course, 2015.
The cloud forest of the Intag Region forms the transitional altitudes between the lowland Chocó Rainforest and the western flank of the high Andean Mountains. It’s the space where the clouds cling to the trees dripping with epiphyte plants and buzzing with hummingbirds, butterflies, and moths. Photo by Juli Hazlewood.
Carlos teaching youth about the environmental wealth of the Intag region. Photo by Juli Hazlewood.
Human rights are recognized all over the world, and the Rights of Nature movement is slowly gaining traction. Having clean rivers and healthy forests, however, is inextricably tied to issues surrounding climate change.
  1. 2) as Zorrilla stated, “extractive industries exacerbate corruption everywhere in the world, especially in developing countries.”
Carlos shining his light on diversity and sharing the wealth of knowledge with his daughter and her friend. He sets up this sheet and light at night, and attracts the moths, who are species that indicate biodiversity. He has documented many new moths that the world would not otherwise know. Photo by Juli Hazlewood.

Intag libre de mineria! [Intag: Free from Mineria!]



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